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Posted By :    Patrick B
Posted :    7/7/2020
Comments :    We have been so appreciative of the care that Dr Sue and staff have given to our pets over the years. They always take the extra time to make our pets feel comfortable and loved. We wouldn't take our pets anywhere else!!!
Posted By :    Andy M
Posted :    2/3/2014
Comments :    Love Dr. Sue and the staff here at Tender Touch! I would recommend them to anyone who owns a pet. Always the best care with plenty of explanation with a reasonable price. Thank you guys!
Posted By :    Mary
Posted :    9/10/2012
Comments :    I LOVE the staff at Tender Touch, but my dog Pip loves them more. He waits for a cookie as soon as he sits on the scale. Once he cane in to have his teeth cleaned and could not have any treats. If looks could kill!! Everyone there is happy to see us. Dr. Sue takes the time to explain things to me so i can keep Pip healthy
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